About Us

Our Dedication

At Shape Mined Materials we engineer our abrasives specifically for the waterjet and blast media processes. This dedication ensures you get maximum performance out of your equipment, while providing the best service to your customers.


We’ll support you with quality abrasives, crafted specifically to match your application and business needs, and back you up with an experienced team and outstanding service.

Unmatched Waterjet Technology

& Abrasive Solution Expertise

Shape Mined Materials is a leading global supplier of garnet. But what’s more, we are also made up of world-leading OEM waterjet manufacturers. This rare synthesis creates abrasive solutions intimately focused on improving customer productivity and waterjet capabilities, as well as reliable global distribution.


We’re proud to be more than your garnet company, but a team dedicated to the overall advancement of waterjet innovation.


Partners in Waterjet Solutions


Your results are important to us. Our team of experts in waterjet and blast cleaning solutions partners with you to ensure you achieve optimal results.


We’re committed to exceeding your expectations with accurate, timely, helpful service. Selecting an abrasive is an important decision, but when you get the right product, it should be the part of your day to day – that you don’t have to worry about.

Shape Technologies Group

Shape Mined Materials is proud to be a Shape Technologies Group Company


Shape Technologies Group, Inc. (SHAPE) delivers innovative manufacturing process solutions to customers spanning 100 countries and a broad array of industries. As the world leading provider and inventor of waterjet, SHAPE has become a strategic ecosystem of companies providing material processing and surface preparation, automated assembly, robotic motion systems, material handling, software, process control, aftermarket parts, and comprehensive support to our customers.

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