Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Abrasive = Waterjet Cutting Power

Your waterjet cut is only as good as the abrasive you use.


While it’s the combination of technology that creates the cutting process, the abrasive mixed with high-pressure water is what actually completes the supersonic erosion process – the act of cutting.


There are numerous types of abrasive, optimized for different applications and uses. It’s important to find the right match for your cutting requirements and your business.Mineral hardness, density, friability, and particle shape all play an important part in determining the right abrasive material for your waterjet cutting system.


Through years of testing and experience, our team at Shape Mined Materials have selected and engineered a wide range of abrasives specifically for waterjet cutting.


Wondering what kind of abrasive is right for you? We’re prepared to help you make the right selection for your application and your budget.

4 Step Abrasive Processing


All of our waterjet abrasives are processed to the highest level, with inline quality control. Our four-step process ensures high purity, high quality, and maximum productivity and performance from your waterjet.




Clean Washing




Precision Screening

Factors Contributing to Garnet Differentiation:


Many factors contribute to the quality of your abrasive that directly affect the quality of your cut part. Shape Mined Materials takes special care to ensure the potential quality inhibitors are removed from your abrasive product.


  • Wet garnet
  • Bricks or oversized particles
  • Fines or undersized particles
  • Ultra-fines or dust
  • Foreign matter in your abrasive
  • Low purity or high percentage of non-garnet