Bengal Bay Garnet

Bengal Bay Abrasive

Bengal Bay Garnet

Bengal Bay Abrasive

Bengal Bay Garnet: Premium Abrasive
Fill your hopper for performance.

Bengal Bay Garnet is our premium almandine garnet abrasive. Garnet is nature’s best abrasive, serving up the ideal combination of density, hardness, particle shape, and toughness suited for waterjet. Matched with our state-of-the-art, modern processing, Bengal Bay Garnet is the brand waterjet experts trust for high-quality results, time after time.

Designed For Performance

Bengal Bay Garnet High Purity Abrasive

High Purity


Each particle flows through an exclusive CleanWash™ Purifying Process where solids and fines are meticulously removed.

Bengal Bay Garnet Exceptional Processing

Exceptional Processing


Modern processing and inline quality control means every bag of Bengal Bay Garnet you open is the same high-quality abrasive you come to expect.

Bengal Bay Garnet Tight Grading

Tight Grading


Low variance in particle variability means streamlined operations and faster cutting. Bengal Bay Garnet is screened for optimal sizes for waterjet.

When you need an all-around superior cut,
choose Bengal Bay Garnet.

Over the years, Bengal Bay Garnet has established a worldwide reputation as a leading premium abrasive brand for waterjet cutting. From cutting thick alloys to detailed composites, Bengal Bay Garnet delivers high quality parts directly off your waterjet.

During the production process, Bengal Bay Garnet passes through our ClearWash™ multi-stage, fresh-water washing. All non-garnet elements are removed by means of magnetic separation. With the lowest count of suspended solids, Bengal Bay Garnet will maximize your cutting production with problem-free cutting at ultra-fast speeds. Premium garnet, delivering premium cutting.

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Bengal Bay Garnet

Grades Available

Bengal Bay 80

Our most popular selection. Used for all applications, thick thin or difficult materials when performance matters.


Available in 55 lb bags and 2,200 lb sacks.

Bengal Bay 120

Optimal for thin and brittle materials, where performance and precision finishes are needed.


Available in 55 lb bags and 2,200 lb sacks.

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