Ecojet Abrasive

Ecojet Abrasive

Ecojet Garnet Abrasive:
Value-focused abrasive for general purpose cutting.

Ecojet garnet abrasive is our value-focused, economical abrasive that delivers reliable, consistent results for general cutting applications. Known for its exceptional value, Ecojet is a mid-level cutting abrasive with low dust, low suspended solids, and low chloride content, providing a clean cutting environment.


Ecojet is the perfect match of affordable abrasive, and quality processing that promises dependable cutting results. For straightforward cutting where economy is important, Ecojet is the ideal abrasive solution. Optimal for applications where smaller orifice and nozzle combinations are used.


Reliable & Versatile Garnet Abrasive

Ecojet value priced abrasive

Value Priced


Ecojet garnet abrasive offers a lower price point for customers who don’t require a premium cut.

Ecojet High Quality processing Abrasive

High-Quality Processing


Processed to Shape Mined Material’s high-quality standards all Ecojet garnet abrasive must pass our inline quality control measures.

Ecojet abrasive garnet

Consistent Product


With little variability in particle size and product, you can expect each bag of Ecojet to offer the same quality results, every time.

When you need a reliable abrasive for general purpose cutting, choose Ecojet garnet abrasive.


Ecojet has earned a strong reputation in the waterjet cutting world consistently delivering value to waterjet owners and solid cut performance to operators. It’s a popular choice when cutting requirements are less strict, and part tolerances are not as critical.


Ecojet garnet abrasive performs exceptionally well for cutting thinner alloys and non-metal substrates such as glass, plastics, ceramics, and more.

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Grades Available

Ecojet 80

Optimal for less demanding applications where economy is important.

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