Kerf-Jet Abrasive

Kerf-Jet Abrasive

Kerf-Jet Garnet Abrasive:
High efficiency garnet for high efficiency cutting

When cutting efficiency is of extreme importance, Kerf-Jet garnet is the right abrasive choice for your waterjet. Kerf-Jet garnet is a powerful and productive cutting abrasive, well-suited for cutting hard or thick materials. The composition and natural properties of Kerf-Jet garnet abrasive available allow for more aggressive cutting than other abrasives. A high-purity, alluvial garnet with a coarse composition, Kerf-Jet allows you to cut through thick or complex materials faster, improving the efficiency of your waterjet cut.

While not as hard as our premium Bengal Bay garnet, Kerf-Jet is a consistent and reliable mid-tier abrasive solution, capable of meeting your cutting needs at a slightly lower price point than many premium abrasives.

High Efficiency Waterjet Cutting Garnet Abrasive


High Efficiency

Kerf-Jet’s composition is an aggressive garnet material which naturally lends itself to faster cutting, improving operational efficiency.


Ideal for Thick Cutting

Cut thick and complex materials with ease. The natural properties inherent to Kerf-Jet allow for fast and powerful erosion, ideal for thick cutting.


Precise Grading

Kerf-Jet is processed to Shape Mined Materials high quality standards and features tight grading, with minimal variability for a consistent, reliable cut.

Kerf-Jet: A New World Standard™


Machine shops around the world trust Kerf-Jet to power their waterjets, easily addressing both thick and complex materials, as well as a broad spectrum of other cutting applications when needed.


Our state-of-the-art processing, and the strict Shape Mined Materials quality standards mean you can expect high-quality garnet, with tight, repeatable grading, and low dust.


When efficiency is key, think Kerf-Jet.


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Kerf-Jet 80


Optimal for thick cutting and operations where efficiency is key.