MicroMedia Abrasive

MicroMedia Abrasive

MicroMedia: Precision Garnet Abrasive
Specialty Applications

MicroMedia precision garnet abrasive is our specialty garnet offering that promises to deliver highly precise waterjet cutting results. MicroMedia is commonly used in specialty micro-cutting applications where exacting tolerances and smooth finishes are required.


Made up of extremely small garnet particles optimally sized to improve the level of precision in your waterjet cut, MicroMedia allows your cutting head to be as precise as possible in its delivery of abrasive for cutting. It’s because of this precision that MicroMedia is often used by industries such as aerospace, medical, and electronics.


When you need precision, MicroMedia will deliver exacting parts, smooth finishes, and great material utilization.

Highest Precision

High Precision Micromedia Garnet Abrasive

High Precision


Processed and sized specifically for highly precise waterjet cutting MicroMedia garnet abrasive delivers exacting parts.

Micromedia Smooth Finish Garnet Abrasive

Smooth Finish


The use of fast-moving, small particles allows for a cleaner erosion (cut) of your waterjet part. Expect a satin smooth edge directly off of your waterjet.

Thin kerf cutting with Micromedia garnet abrasive

Thin Kerf


MicroMedia garnet’s small particle size allows for extremely thin kerfs, for common line cutting, and maximum material utilization.

When you need to cut precise parts choose MicroMedia

Specifically designed for very thin kerf cutting using extra small nozzle IDs, MicroMedia Garnet offers next level precision cutting.

While this abrasive is especially effective for cutting thin glass and laminates, it’s the ideal solution for cutting any thin material.

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