ShapeCut Abrasive

ShapeCut Abrasive

ShapeCut Abrasive: The new industry standard in engineered waterjet abrasive

ShapeCut is a performance engineered abrasive, designed to match multi-purpose cutting. If you’re frequently cutting different (but common to water jet) materials with various parameters, ShapeCut is the ideal abrasive to keep on hand.


ShapeCut is crafted using a proprietary blend of nesosilicates. These natural minerals are extremely hard, high-density abrasives processed to high-quality standards, resulting in low dust and reliable performance.


Quickly becoming the most popular abrasive, ShapeCut offers the flexibility to cut all materials commonly found in today’s job shops. ShapeCut is engineered specifically to match a wide variety of applications, while delivering quality cutting, so you can reliably cut virtually any part that walks through your door with confidence.


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Engineered for Performance


Meticulously Engineered


Our water jet experts carefully crafted the propriety blend to deliver the best value and results, specifically for everyday water jet cutting applications.


Rigorously Tested


The ShapeCut blend has been thoroughly tested to ensure the abrasive blend is the exact right mixture for the most water jet applications.


Proven Performance


ShapeCut is a proven abrasive solution, used in SHAPE water jet laboratories worldwide for different applications, materials, and water jet systems.

Why Consider Engineered Abrasive?


As we reach new technology standards and experience fluctuations in resources on a global scale, the necessity for an effective abrasive, readily available, and designed specifically for waterjet — became clear. Our water jet experts researched and tested different blends, cutting nearly every material possible to ensure our engineered abrasive was going to perform for our customers. And in the end, the winning blend is now becoming one of the fastest growing abrasive brands because of its performance.


ShapeCut provides the best result, value and flexibility for multi-purpose water jet cutting. Designed for waterjet experts, by waterjet experts.

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