StoneCut Abrasive

StoneCut Abrasive

StoneCut Abrasive: For today’s stone fabricators, and more

StoneCut is an economical, alternative abrasive purposefully developed to provide a low cost, high value abrasive option. Formulated to match the needs of stone fabricators, StoneCut also works well as an affordable abrasive option for other fabrication needs. Like all Shape Mined Material’s abrasive’s StoneCut is manufactured to our high-quality standards, and is a low-dusting abrasive. Whether you’re cutting floors, counters, inlays, medallions, or artistic accents and signage, StoneCut is well suited to match the needs of today’s stone fabricators, and more.

Specialty Abrasive


Garnet Alternative


A sustainable, green garnet alternative, StoneCut is sourced in the United States and readily available from our warehouses in eastern North America.


Low Dust


StoneCut meets all OSHA and SHAPE strict safety requirements. Low dust creates a clean cutting environment for your shop and operators.


High Value


An economical, stone cutting abrasive offering high value for a low price point. Specially formulated for stone and fabrication cutting.

Known as the go-to stone cutting abrasive, StoneCut is a versatile cutting option, frequently used by fabricators and job shops when exceptional value is desired. If you’re going to cut stone, use StoneCut to maintain your competitive advantage.

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